My knowledge of the theories.


This I believe Rap. K-Max ft. V-Man, K-Nan, and T-om

This is our Rap music video about what we believe in.
All in all it took about 7 hours. We all got together at Kyle’s house and wrote our own verses. Which took about an hour. Then went in his car where it was quiet, and recorded the lyrics with the microphone from a pair of skull candy earbuds. That took about an hour too, because Tom could not control himself and would laugh at every word I said for some reason. Then when it was K-Max’s turn, Keanan decided to start laughing too, so we had some things that delayed our recording but when we had it done, we went straight to filming. Which took the longest, more then three hours. Everything from creating camera mounts on top of golf carts, to printing and cutting about $6,400.00 worth of counterfeit bills. We also had to set up wiring for lighting effects and many other “behind the scenes” Set ups. We lip synced every verse, the way we did that was by playing the song that we recorded while filming, and trying as best we could to match the two. Which ended up being difficult to edit precisely when tom tried matching the audio to the muted video clips that we made. We also had difficulty creating an actual fluid conversation between K-max and I on the phone, we filmed them separately and when matching the conversations we found ourselves saying K-Max- “K, Ill be there soon” Me- “Yeah man just chillin.”. However, overall “I believe” this video was a success and we are proud of it, but the most important thing is that we had a lot of fun making it.


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