My knowledge of the theories.

Liar Liar Cheat Cheat

The decision could not have been easier to decide which card was the worst kind of cheating, the one about the exaggerating your part on the victory of a soccer team was the clear worst as it shows arrogance and egoism, and thee hardest cards to place were the ones in the middle such as plastic surgery, because some of them you are only cheating yourself in and it can be hard to tell wether that is bad or not for other people.

The other group made theirs very different from ours, especially at the extremities, for example the one we decided as worst kind of cheating was part of the middle group in theirs, and likewise, a card that we found not very relevant was on the higher part of their scale.

This is interesting because my group was entirely made up of boys and the other group almost fully female, this might show signs that women and men have different ideas of cheating and that a woman’s perception of a bad thing is not always the same as that of a male. Some cards needed more examining to find out whether or not it was really cheating, such as the one about lying about your age, if this had more insight on why the person was lying it could have affected out results. This problem about finding the reason behind the lie occurred in some situations and I believe that if we had known more about the scenario our ranking might have been different.

I have personally engaged in a total of 18 out of the 30 forms of deception :P. However I was not so shocked or worried because these were things that every human being has done and I know for a fact that no matter how honest someone is, they have done at least 10 of these. 😛

I believe deception is everywhere, we see it everyday in advertisements and in the media. The internet is one of the most widespread things in the world and it is full of lies, and although much of the time it can be helpful, it is an ever expanding source of false information.

A lie in my opinion is something a person says or does in order to benefit them or a cause related to their interest. This is why I did not consider some of these things lies, such as plastic surgery. Yes, you are lying to people who do not know you by deceiving them from what you really look like. But It does not do anything to affect other people and is not really a concern for anyone else but yourself. Therefore I don’t consider it a significant lie.

I believe the only circumstance where the deceiving of other people is allowed is when benefit for all is being gained by the lie. For example in a psychological study, participants can be deceived without their knowledge throughout the study, as long as they are debriefed at the end. Furthermore they must have the ability to disclose any information about their deception if they wish. Therefore it must occur in a controlled environment where no psychological or emotional harm is being done to anyone.


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